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According to Give Me Sport, Bryan’s deal expires later this year but WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon is keen to keep the fan favourite in the roster.

The four-time world champion returned from retirement last month and enjoyed a glorious in-ring comeback at WrestleMania 34 that saw him teaming up with Shane McMahon and beating Kevin Owens as well as Sami Zayn.

The ex-WWE Champion was in a dark place after being forced to end his wrestling career due to numerous severe concussions but was determined to return to action.

Several non-WWE doctors estimated that the damage wasn’t as bad as it was initially thought and the former World Heavyweight Champion was set to leave WWE if he wasn’t allowed back in the squared circle.

The plan was to go back to the independent circuit or even join other wrestling promotions once his contract ran out.

However, Bryan managed to get cleared by WWE medical staff but has yet to renew his deal.

Some fans thought he was hinting at an exodus after suffering an upset loss to Rusev in a Money in the Bank qualifying match on Smackdown.

The YES Man sat on the apron looking gutted after his shock defeat but Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer insists he is going nowhere.

Alvarez said: “He ain’t leaving. You guys watch the show?

“He lost and then for two minutes they showed him sitting on the apron looking very disappointed in himself.

“There’s a story being told here. The story is he has a long journey to work his way back to the WWE Title.

“That’s the story they’re telling so chill out and let’s see how it goes. It’s okay to lose once in a while.”

Bryan will probably continue his feud with Big Cass at Money in the Bank. 


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